Tracking the Season by Segments

A baseball team’s season is broken down into about 25 pieces—about 12 or 13 road trips, and the same number of homestands. This is how the Red Sox think about our season, when it is over. . .we got hot in 2005 when we hit that western road trip, and then we really took control of the wild card on the homestand after that. We had a road trip early in that year that was just a nightmare. . .our coach (Lynn Jones) stabbed himself in the eye with a knife, one of the guys in our office (Mike Port) had a heart attack, we had a series of minor injuries and we lost 8 out of 10 games or something to a bunch of rumdum pitchers with 86 MPH fastballs. It was ghastly, and, a year later, we are still trying to avoid repeating that road trip.

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